*Green Construction Management Approach

including legislative and regulatory conformance, supply chain management and hygiene control…etc.

Control site hygiene

Example of applications:

Low Cost applications:

  • Mosquito control, e.g.:
    • Use of approved pesticides and larvicides according to the manufacturers’ recommendations
    • Water receptacles which are covered, emptied or prevented from collecting water
    • Digital reporting of stagnant water location
    • Treatment of standing water at least once a week or as required
    • CO2 mosquito trap machines
    • Killing of larvae by preventing stagnant water formation, including cleaning channels, A/C condensed water collecting devices
    • Cold foggers
    • Mosquito trapping lamps
    • Mosquito repellent
    • Weekly anti-mosquito fogging
    • Solar Bug Zapper UV & LED lights
  • Rodent Control, e.g.:
    • Rodent larvicide
    • Use of sealing beneath containers
  • Toilet Hygiene Control:
    • Photocatalyst deodoriser for portable toilets
    • Biological treatment tanks for site office, to avoid cesspit emptying, if the site cannot connect to DSD drainage system

Sustainability KPI:

  • Number of complaints received about pest control per month, per project (no.)
  • Number of fines, tickets or warnings received from public authorities per month, per project (no.)
  • Number of pest control measures done per month, per project (no.)
Contribute to Public Works [mandatory]
Action Party Public Authorities, Developers, Contractors
Implementation Level Fundamental
Project Type Civil, Building