Eco-efficient and/or circular economy adapted products, production technologies and processes

such as development and introduction of environmentally sustainable products, with an eco-label or environmental certification, resource-efficient packaging and distribution

Use eco technology and innovation to site management

Example of applications:

  • Sustainable robotic construction machinery, e.g. Remote-controlled demolition robots
  • Green construction plants for excavation works, e.g. plants using electricity or with less emissions
  • Concrete strength sensors for strength checking to prevent unnecessary concrete waste
  • AI to determine dust, PM10 and humidity in order to control water spraying machines as they reduce dust dispersion
  • Automatic wall-plastering machines
  • Application of tools for optimising material use such as the ACE (Automated Commercial Environment) dashboard and Concrete Management System, combined with BIM
  • GPS location technology to enhance precision of road paving, to save materials
  • Digitisation for site management, e.g.
    • Smart Inspection Apps for submission and approval of inspection, application of digital site diary;
    • Integrated digital project delivery for digital monitoring and paperless site records;
    • Mobile apps for e-records, such as Daily Health Declaration Form, Personal PPE and Equipment Admin Record; mosquito control; QR code scanning for safety monitoring; recording and uploading site observations via smartphone apps; e-tickets for trip ticket record keeping;
    • Apps for equipment/plant lists, to save paper
  • SIMple – An app for site management (for details, please refer to

Sustainability KPI:

  • Number and percentage of projects applying technology to assist site or project management (no., %)
  • Evaluation of effectiveness of new technology and innovative initiatives
  • Percentage of construction material saved (%)
Relevant Case Studies:
Action Party Public Authorities, Developers, Contractors
Implementation Level Advanced
Project Type Civil, Building