Pollution prevention and control

including reduction of air emissions, greenhouse gas control, soil remediation, waste prevention, waste reduction, waste recycling and energy/emission efficient waste to energy

Provide adequate mitigation measures for noise and vibration

Example of applications:

Low Cost application(s):

  • Monitoring of noise and action taken immediately if any sound level limit is exceeded
  • Reduction of noise nuisance from construction activities using barriers and enclosures, and by using appropriate equipment such as:
    • Hydraulic piling hammers;
    • Hydraulic crushers instead of conventional excavator mounted breakers;
    • Wire saw for concrete cutting rather than excavator mounted breakers
    • Acoustic enclosures for hand-held breakers and generators;
    • Acoustic barriers for large equipment;
    • Plastic chutes for disposal of rubble;
    • Temporary noise reduction solutions (e.g. acoustic insulation) at adjacent noise-sensitive receivers;
    • Silencers, when blasting;
    • Full enclosure to cover the shaft when mucking (removing blasted rock), which can reduce 45dB(A);
    • Noise absorbent materials to wrap around breakers mounted on the excavator
  • Use of noise barriers and noise enclosures, as follows:
    • Noise barriers to seal all gaps;
    • Movable noise barriers for noisy construction processes, such as rock breaking, to reduce noise by 5dB(A) in visible areas;
    • Noise enclosures for percussive piling (estimate reduction of 5dB(A));
    • >50mm noise absorbing lining;
    • Triple barrier;
    • 6 meter high noise barriers for rock breaking;
    • Noise barriers along nullahs, pedestrian walkways/streets;
    • Noise barriers on top of hoardings;
    • Noise barriers in recreational areas/open space nearby to reduce noise impact on residents on high floors;
    • Extra-high noise barriers to reduce noise in nearby DSE exam venues
  • Vibration monitoring (e.g. use of seismographs (vibro-graphs)) and take action immediately if any vibration limit is exceeded
  • Quality Powered Mechanical Equipment (QPME) for excavators and generators
  • Measures for percussive piling and silo and concrete batching plants
  • Temporary transformer room to reduce use of generators
  • Plant and equipment pointed out to sea to minimise noise

Sustainability KPI:

  • Trend performance from regular assessment results of noise and vibration level
  • Percentage of use of plant and equipment with QPME (%)
  • Number of complaints received about noise control, per project (no.)
  • Number of times noise control limits exceeded, per project (no.)
Contribute to BEAM Plus, Public Works [recommended]
Action Party Contractors
Implementation Level Fundamental
Project Type Civil, Building