Pollution prevention and control

including reduction of air emissions, greenhouse gas control, soil remediation, waste prevention, waste reduction, waste recycling and energy/emission efficient waste to energy

Provide adequate mitigation measures for dust control

Example of applications:

Low Cost Applications:

  • Dust monitoring and take action immediately if limit exceeded for Respirable Suspended Particulates (RSP) or Total Suspended Particulates (TSP)
  • Measures for reducing dust emissions from construction activities:
    • Effective water sprays to be used to water exposed working areas that can generate dust;
    • Fine particle materials on site to be enclosed and covered;
    • Wheel washing facilities to be installed and used by all vehicles leaving the site;
    • At the end of the works, all bare surface to be hydroseeded as soon as possible;
    • Triple barrier to be used for blocking fly debris;
    • Main haul roads to be hard paved with concrete or precast slabs;
    • Slopes to be paved with cement or covered with tarpaulin;
    • Dusty materials to be covered with tarpaulin;
    • Excavated soil to be sprayed with water before being loaded onto dump truck;
    • Water to be sprayed continuously and water cannons deployed during rock breaking;
    • Speed limit signage (8km/hr) to be erected;
    • CCTV monitoring to be used to ensure all dump trucks are covered with tarpaulin sheets before leaving the site;
    • Regular checks of black smoke emissions to be undertaken;
    • Tubular dust covers to be used for piling rigs;
    • ULSD testing to be conducted monthly.
  • Temporary transformer rooms to reduce use of generators
  • Plant and equipment with the NRMM green label (e.g. excavators, mobile cranes, generators, air compressors)

Sustainability KPI:

  • Trend of performance from regular air monitoring results during contract period
  • Percentage use of plant and equipment with a NRMM Green Label (%)
  • Number of complaints received on air emissions and dust control, per project (no.)
  • Number of regulation exceedances on air emissions and dust control, per project (no.)
Contribute to BEAM Plus, Public Works [recommended]
Action Party Contractors
Implementation Level Fundamental
Project Type Civil, Building