*Green Construction Management Approach

including legislative and regulatory conformance, supply chain management and hygiene control…etc.

Control construction light pollution

Example of applications:

Low Cost applications:

  • Measures to control construction lighting:
    • Control of operating hours for lights, using the following measures:
      1. Switching off of external lighting (essential lights and feature lights not included) when not needed or after operating hours.
      2. Switching off of feature lighting (e.g. hoarding lighting) after 11p.m.
      3. Maintenance of only essential lighting (e.g. lighting for safety and security) at the acceptable level, as required
    • Automatic controls for lighting (e.g. timer switch) to switch off the external lighting when not needed or after operating hours
    • Lighting nuisance control. Control measures include:
      1. Proper positioning and aiming of lighting at hoardings to avoid overspill of light to outside areas
      2. For lighting up vertical structures (e.g. signs and hoardings), directing of the beam to the structure and avoiding overspill of light
      3. Lighting with appropriate shields, baffles, louvers and cut-off features to prevent light overspill to nearby residences and into the sky, and glare from the light source
    • Prevention of glare to road users to ensure that external lighting along the site boundary is appropriately positioned, aimed or shielded so that illumination of nearby roads will not be adversely affected


Contribute to BEAM Plus, Public Works [mandatory]
Action Party Public Authorities, Developers, Contractors
Implementation Level Fundamental
Project Type Civil, Building