*Green Construction Management Approach

including legislative and regulatory conformance, supply chain management and hygiene control…etc.

Implement environmental policy and strategies

Example of applications:

Low Cost application(s):

  • Project policies and KPIs with environmental management programmes implemented, e.g. environmental indicators of energy, emissions, water, materials, effluent and waste, biodiversity
  • Measurement of environmental performance using developed indicators
  • Encouraging innovation and transformation and promote environmental performance improvement
  • Establishment and promotion of sustainability targets, including:
    • Reduced carbon intensity
    • Increased offsite construction
    • Mandating of sub-contractors by main contractor to reduce steel wastage by 5%, specified in the sub-contractor contract
    • Waste metal recycling target of 30% for BEAM Plus credit
  • Promotion of commitment activities/schemes, e.g.
    • Projects exceeding minimum compliance standard in environmental protection
    • Activities which engage with interested parties about site issues
    • Monthly site planning meeting with sub-contractor
    • ISO 14064 Greenhouse Gas Emission Audit for projects
    • Monthly promotion of environmental practices
    • Mini-audits, including environmental requirements compliance, audited by independent environmental checkers
    • Environmental promotion by clients to contractors, e.g. promote reuse of lunch utensils/bio-degradable utensils/metal utensils
    • Carbon and water footprint measurement with early contractor involvement, as requested by Listing Company ESG disclosure
    • Monthly meetings with community liaison group to handle environmental concerns
    • Applications for Green Building schemes, such as BEAM Plus, LEED, WELL
    • Social activities to promote ecosystem protection, e.g. invite students to bird-watching activity on site
    • Volunteer services and community outreach programmes, e.g. tree planting
  • Training on environmental measures for site staff and in-house staff

Sustainability KPI:

  • Evaluation of level of fulfillment and implementation progress of project plans
  • Evaluation of compliance status
  • Number of non-compliance cases and environmental incidents (no.)
  • Evaluation of effectiveness of stakeholder engagement process and review responsiveness
  • Tree monitoring (note: only for trees over 5m.) (no.)
Contribute to Public Works [mandatory]
Action Party Public Authorities, Developers, Contractors
Implementation Level Fundamental
Project Type Civil, Building