Eco-efficient and/or circular economy adapted products, production technologies and processes

such as development and introduction of environmentally sustainable products, with an eco-label or environmental certification, resource-efficient packaging and distribution

Select construction materials with recycled content

Example of applications:

Low Cost applications:

  • Rubberised paving blocks from waste tyres
  • Reuse of waste concrete for road curbs, block drains, channel drains and paving blocks
  • Pulverised ash and ferrock
  • Recycling of used timber formwork into lightweight, thermal-insulating cement-bonded particleboards

Sustainability KPI:

  • Percentage of materials made from recyclables (%)
  • Percentage of construction materials reused on site (%)


Contribute to BEAM Plus, Public Works [recommended]
Action Party Public Authorities, Developers, Contractors, Suppliers
Implementation Level Advanced
Project Type Civil, Building