Environmentally sustainable management of living natural resources and land use

including environmentally sustainable agriculture; environmentally sustainable animal husbandry; climate smart farm inputs such as biological crop protection or drip-irrigation; environmentally sustainable fishery and aquaculture; environmentally-sustainable forestry, including afforestation or reforestation, and preservation or restoration of natural landscapes

Provide soft landscaping in the permanent design

Example of applications:

    Comply with Hong Kong Planning Standards and Guidelines Chapter 4 Section 2 Greenery includes:
  • Preparation of landscape master plan to provide guidance on tree planting and soft landscape works
  • Preservation of existing vegetation as far as possible
  • Selection of natural or adapted species for landscaping work
  • An overall target of 30% green coverage in public housing developments
  • Vegetation coverage for slopes. The existing vegetation should be safeguarded and intensified through further tree and shrub planting
  • Skyrise greening, such as roof greening, vertical greening, sky gardens and terrace planting

Sustainability KPI:

  • Percentage of soft landscape coverage of site area (%)
  • Percentage of greenery coverage of site area (%)
Contribute to BEAM Plus, Public Works [recommended]
Action Party Developers, Contractors, Suppliers
Implementation Level Fundamental
Project Type Building