Pollution prevention and control

including reduction of air emissions, greenhouse gas control, soil remediation, waste prevention, waste reduction, waste recycling and energy/emission efficient waste to energy

Implement eco technology and innovation to minimise construction & demolition waste

Example of applications:

  • Reduction of construction waste using technology
    • Measurement of material clash reduction and prevent material clash, e.g. Building Information Modeling (BIM) can be used for later MEP stages
    • Concrete strength sensors to prevent unnecessary concrete waste
    • R2M2 Rapid Repairing Mortar Material which can restore the load-carrying capacity of reinforced concrete slabs
    • Innovative measures from suppliers to minimise wastage of temporary packing materials, such as metal paint containers, plastic containers of mouldy oil and protective timber planks for glass/curtain walling
  • Management of construction waste using technology
    • Dump truck monitoring including digital weighing devices, mechanical covers, CCTV monitoring
    • GPS location technology to track C&D waste and vehicle logistics


Contribute to Public Works [recommended]
Action Party Developers, Contractors, Suppliers
Implementation Level Advanced
Project Type Civil, Building