Energy efficiency

such as in new and refurbished buildings, energy storage, district heating, smart grids, appliances and products

Use cleaner energy to replace ultra-low sulphur diesel

Example of applications:

Low Cost application:

  • Bio-diesel for mixer trucks, generators, plant and equipment, for example:
    • Diesel with 5% biodiesel (B5) / natural gas (NG) for plant and equipment
    • B5/NG for mixer trucks
    • 100% replacement of diesel by B5 / NG
    • 100% biodiesel (B100) / NG in generators to provide electricity to site office

Sustainability KPI:

  • Percentage use of biodiesel / natural gas (%)


Contribute to Public Works [recommended]
Action Party Public Authorities, Developers, Contractors, Suppliers
Implementation Level Advanced
Project Type Civil, Building